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Bliss Brain

More than 8 hours
with Dawson Chuch

French & English

What you will experience…

8 hours of teaching and guided meditations to really experience the full benefits of Dawson’s teaching

Rich lived experience of inducing states of well-being at will

Dawson’s energy! His authenticity and generosity. His laugh! :)

Dawson’s knowledge and expertise

A community of shared interest

What is Bliss Brain?

Flow state

Happiness / joy

Gratitude / appreciation

Contentment / satisfaction

Love for life & others

Feeling loved

Optimal energy

The "Flow State" of Bliss Brain

We've all had peak moments when we're completely in tune with ourselves and the universe. In these states of "flow," we become completely absorbed in what we're doing. We forget time and space, past and future, as we come fully into the present. Flow states are highly creative, and peak performers experience them regularly. Examples are a maestro conducting a symphony, a child at play, an athlete "in the zone," a meditator feeling one with the universe, a scientist at the moment of discovery, or a hiker feeling part of nature. Research with EEGs has found that people in flow states have a unique brain wave pattern. Dawson Church describes flow states, and the brain wave patterns they create. He reviews research from his book Bliss Brainshowing that we can learn to induce flow states at will.

This workshop is for you if…

you’re interested in personal and spiritual growth, healing, peak performance, states of flow and the brain science behind it

you’d like to learn how to become a happier and healthier you

you’re prepared to believe that you have everything in you to access states of intense happiness and joy, at will

you’re willing to step out of the unknown to try something new and overcome your brain’s natural negativity bias

you want to overcome states of lethargy, pessimism, depression, anxiety and stress

you want to improve your concentration, sleep, relationships, self-esteem

you’re open to believing that you are the miracle, rather than waiting for miracles

Dawson Church

Author of the international bestsellers: The Genie in Your Genes. Epigenetic Medicine and the New Biology of Intention;, Mind to Matter. The Astonishing Science of How your Brain Creates Material Reality and Bliss Brain: The Neuroscience of Remodelling Your Brain for Resilience, Creativity, and Joy..

Internationally renowned and acclaimed speaker

Scientist and researcher

One of the first practitioners, trainers and promoters of EFT

Founder and CEO of EFT-Universe

Partner of Quantum Way since 2017

Most of us are living only a tiny fraction of our full potential as human beings. We’re limited by the brain’s “negativity bias” which keeps us stuck in negative thinking. This affects our health and longevity, with many studies showing it linked to cancer, heart disease, depression, and greatly reduced lifespan.

Our brains have 2 key networks associated with our inner mental and emotional states. The Enlightenment Network includes the circuits that govern emotional regulation and empathy. It's highly active in people in states of flow, in happy people, and in long term meditators. It is activated by attention and present-moment focus.

The second is the Default Mode Network. It handles self-focused thinking. This is often accompanied by negative emotion, especially disappointment about the past and worry about the future.

When we’re not performing a task, the Default Mode Network activates. Our minds then wander between past and future, regretting yesterday and fearing tomorrow. A large-scale study by Harvard University examined 250,000 pieces of information from 2,250 participants. It found that people are thinking negatively 47% of the time. The researchers wrote, “A human mind is a wandering mind, and a wandering mind is an unhappy mind.” (Bliss Brain p. 66).

The brain’s “negativity bias” results in an unhappy life in which we fail to reach our potential. It also takes a severe toll on our bodies; research shows that pessimists die, on average, 10 years earlier than optimists.

So how do we fix the brain’s negativity bias, and unlock our full potential for happiness and longevity?

In several studies using MRIs and EEGs, Dawson's research has shown that it is possible to shift the way the brain processes information. He has developed exercises that quiet the Default Mode Network while simultaneously dialing up the activity in the Enlightenment Network.

During the Bliss Brain workshop we will practice these techniques. They produce pleasure neurochemicals in the body, like serotonin and dopamine, and you will feel these as they are synthesized by your brain.

A study of 208 people at one of Dawson’s workshops was published in the peer-reviewed journal Global Advances in Health and Medicine. It found that their anxiety decreased by 23% and their pain by 19%. Their happiness increased 9%.

When we followed up with them 6 months later, we found that they’d maintained their gains in anxiety and depression levels over time, and were even happier.

The Bliss Brain workshop will show you how to meditate successfully. It will train you in 7 evidence-based techniques that automatically cue your body to drop into the same state as a meditation master.

You’ll then learn to combine all 7 techniques together in a practice that’s easy to practice every day. This starts the process of remodeling your brain for resilience, creativity and joy. It enables you to claim your full human potential, and with it, the health and longevity you deserve.

The practical details


On Zoom – you will receive login details after registering.


15-16 May 2021


2:00pm – 8:30pm CET (Berlin and Paris)
Total 5 hours per day of sessions.

2pm – 3:15pm Session 1 (1 hour 15 min)
3:15pm - 3:30pm break (15 min)
3:30pm – 4:45pm Session 2 (1 hour 15 min)
4:45pm – 5:45pm one hour break (60 min)
5:45pm – 7:00pm Session 3 (1 hour 15 min)
7:00pm – 7:15pm break (15 min)
7:15pm – 8:30pm Session 4 (1 hour 15 min)


English, French or German, you choose: simultaneous interpreting will be provided (by Anne-Laure Gex for French)

What people who attended a Bliss Brain workshop have said

You owe it to yourself to give Dawson's Bliss Brain course a try... I feel truly amazing and blissful in my body and mind as a result! And what's more, I feel confident about my future ability to create these blissful and loving states at will with the quick and easy yet powerful tools he taught us. I will be able to handle whatever life throws at me as a result.

I truly believe you too will find yourself with the tools you need and deserve to radically transform your life for the better starting NOW, so grab the opportunity to do this!!

Rey Brannen

I have struggled with meditation for years, struggled with that monkey mind. EcoMeditation is the first technique that has consistently calmed that monkey mind. I reached a peaceful alpha state within minutes the first time I tried Dr. Church's guided EcoMeditation. I am hooked!

Vicki Pruett

The workshop was wonderful. We learn the purpose of what we apply in the meditation, and then we practice. It was so powerful, especially the last meditation. I feel strong emotion, close to tears, as I recommend you take this workshop.

Hugo Sorel

I've been a lifetime meditator, and once I started EcoMeditation on Insight Timer, and now Bliss Brain, I'm finding them most satisfying of all. If you decide to train EcoMeditation practitioner, I would LOVE to help spread the word.

Pamela Rains

With what's going on in the world, who doesn't need a way to calm yourself, releasing anxiety, stress and becoming more loving. Dawson has such a loving presence with everything you need to know to get started, helping yourself and others. Thank you Dawson.

Janet Gleeson

This is wonderful course for quickly achieving a blissful state. I have been meditating on and off for years but this is by far the best experience I have ever had and I intend to do this every day.

Diane Mayall

For people who enjoy getting high on drugs, EcoMeditation will take you to that blissful place, but naturally. Really relaxing and wonderful.

Sandy Weil

During the Bliss Brain workshop I not only learned the physiology of bliss, I also learned science-based techniques to facilitate my brain to feel bliss. Through Dawson’s Church’s expert guidance, I was able to quickly experience bliss fully and completely. If experiences changes the brain (and we know it does), I now have an upgraded version of me. I plan to practice these skills daily for an upgraded life.

Janice Colestro

Just finished Dawson Church’s Bliss Brain workshop. Blissed Out!!! Rumi said that, “Some momentary awareness comes as an unexpected visitor.” Thank you Dawson for opening the door to that wonderful peaceful presence.

Tana Vaughan

Great research, deep wisdom, practical soul soothing techniques for life taught by Dawson Church, who is a kind, wise, and resourceful teacher.

Cynthia Daddona

Wellbeing Lifestyle Advocate, TV Host & Author.

The workshop with Dawson Church is...

8 hours of teaching and guided meditations to learn how to practice flow state, step by step and build a Bliss Brain

Follow the workshop as if you were there with the high-quality recordings of the May 2021 two-day workshop and take advantage of the full energy of the live event

Participate in English or French (interpretion in French by Anne-Laure Gex). You choose !

Group energy: our experience with Zoom immersions shows us that group energy is as powerful online as it is in person

Access to the recordings - for 1 week or for life, depending on the option you choose – so you can continue to practice and progress


Unlimited access

unlimited access to the replay of Dawson Church's "Bliss Brain" online workshop of May 2021

BONUS : exclusive video of Dawson Church's talk at the "Trauma, Attachment & Resilience" 2021 online Summit


(Approximately US$260, depending on bank fees and the currency exchange rate)

Registration for this online workshop includes access to the replays for a full week or, at a small extra charge, for life