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Meditation : Blessing of the Energy Center III – CD (Anglais)


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1. Explanation (16:44)
2. Meditation (53:51)

Run Time: 71 Minutes
Music by Barry Goldstein

Do not listen to any meditation audio recordings while driving or operating machinery.


By engaging Blessing of the Energy Centers I and number II meditations, you will now have the training and a neuronet with the ability to sit still, be in the present moment, and you are able to rest your attention in each one of the body’s centers. And by practicing Blessing of the Energy Centers I and than II, you now have the knowledge and the experiences to be able to engage Blessing of the Energy Centers III. All frequency carries information and the majority of these frequencies exists beyond our daily senses. But they exist, science knows that. During this meditation, you will learn to sense, or tune into each of the different frequency centers just like tuning a radio dial. Deepening the understanding of Blessing of the Energy Centers, Dr. Joe will guide you through the next steps of being open and tuning in and receiving information, receiving energy, and receiving a new consciousness to heal and create. The music played during this mediation was specifically created with a different vibrational frequency for each one of the body’s centers.