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Soul Medicine: Awakening Your Inner Blueprint for Abundant Health and Energy


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Format : Livre
Langue : Anglais
Éditeur : Energy Psychology Press
Année : 2008
294 pages


The cutting edge of medicine today is not to be found in invasive therapies like drugs and surgeries. It is in the disciplines that used to be regarded as « soft » medicine: prayer, intention, energy healing, acupressure, and similar therapies. Overwhelming evidence from hundreds of scientific studies are showing that these safe, non-invasive approaches are often more effective, sometimes many times more effective, than conventional medicine. Two of the pioneers in the field, Dr. Norman Shealy, founder of the American Holistic Medical Association and world-famous neurosurgeon, and Dr. Dawson Church, one of the foremost writers and researchers in vibrational healing, and the editor or author of many books on the subject, explain the fundamentals of energy medicine, its many applications to common ailments, and the latest scientific research.